Creating a first Birthday Keepsake: Baby Photo Boards with Photo Decals

Creating a first Birthday Keepsake: Baby Photo Boards with Photo Decals

As parents, we all know how quickly our little ones grow up. Those tiny toes and button noses seem to change overnight! That's why creating a baby photo board with monthly snapshots is not just a cute idea; it's a fantastic way to cherish these fleeting moments. 

There are many makers making these bespoke boards to add your photos.


We love these from @kellycreativeco

What is a Baby Photo Board?

A baby photo board is a creative and visually appealing way to showcase your baby's growth month by month. It's essentially a board or backdrop adorned with photo decals, each representing a specific month of your baby's life. 

Our decal photo prints have been a popular choice for babay boards,'s first birthday

They're basically adhesive pieces of art that you can stick on almost anything, from laptops to water bottles to your grandma's old vase (though maybe not the last one).They're like the superhero of personalisation – just peel, stick, and boom

Now comes the fun part! Arrange your photos in a chronological order, starting with the newborn snapshot and progressing month by month. 



In conclusion, creating a baby photo board is a casual (although requires a bespoke creation) and playful way to capture the first year of your baby's life to display.  With photo decals and photo printing, you can make a stunning display that's both informative and heartwarming.